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Cannabis Cultivator To Trump: 'Focus On How Cannabis Can Help The Opioid Epidemic'

Cannabis cultivator Kristin Murr has two words for Donald Trump: "Everyone wins." That's her pitch for legalizing marijuana across America.

"Cannabis has the ability to provide millions of dollars to our country, not to mention countless medical benefits for people of all ages, so let’s focus our energy on the real problem which is the opioid epidemic and how cannabis can help, both medically and monetarily. Everyone wins," she told Civilized recently.

And she's living proof of that. Kristin was a former hockey player who was forced off the ice by the lingering symptoms of a major injury. Taking a cornucopia of painkillers and muscle relaxers didn't solve the problem, so a friend suggested trying cannabis, which not only helped her get off the other pills but also got her back into the rink.

Years later, she and her fiancé Danny Sloat decided to devote their lives to helping others benefit from cannabis by starting the licensed Colorado-based cultivation company AlpinStash - a craft cannabis company using all-natural methods and sustainably sourced nutrients to provide the highest quality, cleanest, healthiest cannabis grown with care by Colorado natives.

Like Kristin, Danny's life was also changed by cannabis. As a 20-year-old, he was struck with a series of debilitating illnesses that required extended hospitalizations, numerous surgeries and heavy doses of opioid medications. By 2009, he was taking 19 different prescriptions, which made him obese, isolated and depressed. But after trying cannabis, he regained his health and stopped needing the other medications.

Now Kristin and Danny want to see the cannabis industry grow not only in terms of financial gain but educational opportunities as well.

"I would love to see more educational opportunities in all aspects—dispensaries, grow ops, bakeries and everything involved in the processes from seed to sale," Kristin told Civilized. "The more we educate people, the more likely they are to embrace and accept what we are doing. The most common hurdle in any new movement is fear and miseducation. If we give people the correct information and the proper tools, they will make the right choice and allow the masses to decide for themselves."

Tell us about your typical day.

My day at AlpinStash is spent with my soon-to-be husband Danny Sloat and our two close friends Ethel Calderin and Silvia Anchondo. Loving and caring for our plants. Tasks change daily as does any job does when you’re working with living organisms. There are only four of us and we split the day accordingly depending on what the plants and the business need. We laugh, we sing, we dance and most of all we take care our "babies" to help them thrive.

What's your perfect setting to consume?

I really enjoy curling up on the couch with a bong, my favorite snacks and a book, movie or show. I think it's important to make time to relax and turn off your brain for awhile each day. It's so easy to get caught up in business, working out and the daily stresses of life, so whatever helps you relax or gives you peace be sure to make time for it everyday.

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