Cannabis, Cuisine, and Conversation

We have a bold prediction: Someday there will be cannabis-infused items on every high-end restaurant menu across North America. (We can dream, right?) Until then, the best way to experience new cannabis-infused flavors from top chefs is to grab tickets to one of the exceptional events put on by The High Standards Agency. We recently had the pleasure of attending their "Lifted and Gifted" three course cannabis-infused dinner in Los Angeles. It was an evening mixed with music, "canna-isseurs" who gave guests the complete breakdown of what they were being served and how it paired perfectly with the repast. And, of course, plenty of cannabis. Check your local events calendar for more upcoming cannabis infused events.


It’s no secret that stress, packed schedules and the drama of everyday life can take a toll on our minds. But taking a needed brain break can revive your spirit, allowing you to more confidently take on whatever’s in front of you. Giving yourself the time and space to get your brain the rest it needs can make you calmer, less reactive and happier as a result.