Cannabis Conversations with Parents: What's are Middies?

Do you think your parents know what "dabbing" is, or a "spliff"? What about a "middles"? Do you even know what middies are? Hint: Similar to shake, "middles" refers to middle-grade quality cannabis. With the cannabis industry evolving so quickly over time, however, there's so much new vocabulary cropping up to describe the innovation — but can people outside the cannabis industry, or outside the millennial generation, keep up with the evolution of cannabis slang? 


At the third annual Hall of Flowers (HOF), a business-to-business cannabis industry trade show, concentrate company Pluto soft-launched its first (and limited) edition vaporizer, the Hani Stone, in collaboration with the design and tech driven hardware company, Hanu Labs. Pluto emerges from the same minds who launched the mental health and wellness-oriented CBD brand Hilani. But Pluto aspires to move beyond the terrestrial realm of wellness, and transport consumers to a world unhindered by time constraints and abounding in a diversity of characters peacefully coexisting.

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