Cannabis Conversations with Executives: What's the Weirdest Pitch You've Heard?

When you work in the cannabis industry you're likely going to receive some odd pitches. Most popular these days are pitches about putting CBD in nearly everything — toothpaste, pizza, items that don't necessarily need CBD. But that only scratches the service. One exec even heard a pitch for a cultivation facility on top of a McDonalds. It can be hard to believe the kind of ideas people have for this industry. 


With northern California's renowned cannabis festival, the Emerald Cup coming up next month, we're reflecting on all the fun we had last year with cannabis influencer Elise McRoberts interviewing Herbie Herbert, a former Santana roadie and manger for Journey, as well as Steve Parish, who managed the Jerry Garcia Band and went on the road with the Grateful Dead. Back int he day, bands touring the world had to smuggle their cannabis into Europe and other foreign countries. Traveling with equipment and other gear, roadies would have to find secret places to hide the stash.

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