Cannabis Consumption Is On The Rise In America And Canada

Cannabis consumption is on the rise in America and Canada, according to the 2018 Civilized Culture Poll. Civilized partnered with PSB to survey over 1,600 North American adults about modern cannabis culture and how it's growing. What we found was, well, that it is indeed growing.

There has been an 11 percent increase in people who use cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes compared to the figures from our 2017 poll. That's a jump up from 30% last year to 41% now—a sizeable gain. 

The results in Canada are similar, but slightly different. The Great White North actually shows a drop in the total number of people who identify as non-consumers, which shrank from 82 percent of respondents in 2017 to 76 percent in 2018. 

Unlike Americans, Canadians are less likely to double-dip. While most American consumers (41 percent) said they used cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes, many Canadians (48 percent) said they forgo the prescription and just have a puff for fun.

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In the old days, weed "branding" was defined by plastic baggies, pot leaf imagery, tie-dye, and in some cases, imagery of conventionally hot girls in bikinis or booty shorts. The messages back then revolved around weed as a stereotypically male stoner pastime, whilst alienating women, or those who didn't appreciate the strip club aesthetic in connection to their medicinal or recreational products. But in recent years, and especially in legal states, this has all begun to change.

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