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Most Cannabis Consumers Spend More On Charity Donations Than Marijuana Every Year

Using marijuana can be an expensive habit, but most people don’t spend quite as much money as you’d think.

The 2018 Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll, conducted with marketing research firm PSB, asked how much users spent on cannabis and related products. Almost half of Canadian respondents said they spend $50 or less per month, or less than $600 per year.

Of course, the extra expense adds up, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that much money. In fact, according to Statistics Canada’s 2016 Survey of Household Spending (SHS), Canadians spend more money (roughly $706 per year, on average) on donations to different charities and political parties.

Canadians also spend roughly the same amount on their pets. The average consumer spends around $650 on pet food, veterinary services, and treats for their kittens, puppies, or bearded lizards.

Under one quarter of respondents in the cannabis culture poll said they spent between 50 and 100 dollars, which still isn’t that much. Canadians spend a tiny amount less ($1163) on meat products every year. Not all groceries, and not even fish or seafood: Just things like steaks, hamburgers, and pepperoni (which has been proven to be super bad for you, in case you forgot).

In fact, Canadians spend more money monthly on quite a few vices: junk food, such as chips, pop, and candy, takes up around $1,500 of our yearly income. And alcohol isn’t far behind: we spend around $1023 every year on adult beverages, both in restaurants and bars and from the liquor store.

Will this change when legalization hits and prices become more regulated? Who knows, but for those of you worried you’re spending too much, you can relax. Non-consumers spend just as much money on dumb stuff.


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