Most Cannabis Consumers Prefer Smoking to Vaping

Last February, PSB conducted an online survey with 1,004 adults in the United States and 600 adults in Canada on behalf of Civilized to give us a better understanding of the public's current views on marijuana. The research groups were made up of both cannabis users and non-users, and they were asked a variety of questions about their marijuana usage, habits, and behaviors.

When subjects were asked “What is your preferred method of consuming cannabis?” and given the choice between joints/blunts, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, or other methods, like ingesting marijuana-infused foods/tinctures, using topicals, or “dabbing” concentrates, the PSB survey found that most cannabis consumers prefer smoking to vaping their herb. Since asking how respondents consume marijuana was a new question, added to the survey PSB conducted for us last year, we didn't have results to compare.

The preference for smoking marijuana in a traditional way as opposed to vaporizing marijuana was true for both American and Canadian respondents, with 70% of Americans and 69% of Canadians answering that they prefer to smoke cannabis in some way than vape the herb. More specifically among Americans, 34% prefer joints/blunts, 24% prefer pipes, and 11% prefer bongs, while only 9% prefer to vaporize cannabis, and among Canadians, 44% prefer joints/blunts, 13% prefer pipes, and 12% prefer bongs, an only 11% prefer to vape marijuana.

The Civilized/PSB survey results are in line with other major surveys showing that most cannabis consumers prefer smoking to vaping when it comes to cannabis. For example, the Global Drug Survey 2017, which gathers annual data on worldwide drug use, found that 71.7% of cannabis users prefer smoking a joint as their favorite consumption method, followed in succession by bongs, pipes, vaporizers, then blunts.

The findings of our survey show that a strong majority of the North American population prefers smoking cannabis to vaping the herb, but there's nothing to say that won't change in the future. We recognize the fact that vaporizing marijuana is a new way to consume cannabis, especially when compared with the fact that humans have smoked marijuana for thousands of years, and we think that as the public learns more about the benefits vaping, more people in both the U.S. and Canada will start to adopt vaping as their preferred way to consume cannabis.


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