Cannabis Consultancy Counsel 45 Launches to Serve the North American Industry

For cannabis companies looking for a full range of support services, consulting company Counsel 45 announced on Tuesday its official launch with services in the United States and Canada. 

The company offers trusted advisors to assist companies in navigating various sectors of the cannabis industry, covering everything from compliance to research. Counsel 45, itself, is a collective alliance of industry thought leaders and experts, fluent in the esoteric nuances of the constantly evolving landscape of cannabis. 

"Counsel 45 is central intelligence for the cannabis industry," says founder Bob Stamnes. "We offer seasoned, proven, and trustworthy counsel in the otherwise frenzied, uncharted frontiers of the cannabis sector. We provide a broad spectrum of brand, marketing, and business operations services to help brands navigate the complexity and opportunities the sector presents." 

Counsel 45 experts are well versed in research and consumer behavior, marketing engagement, activations, partnerships, public relations, social responsibility, retail strategy, packaging and collateral, compliance, legal issues, licensing, education, insurance, and recruitment. The company is based out of Vancouver, but works with clients across North America. 

A number of companies, including Rival Tech, Valuegraphics, Adobe, and yours truly — Civilized — have joined Counsel 45 in the form of strategic partnerships. Rival Tech aids in offering consumer innovative chat-based surveys, while Valuegraphics offers predictive behavior tools. Adobe, on the other hand, is offering one-to-one marketing solutions, and Civilized helps connect Counsel 45 to cannabis consumers, influencers, and the canna-curious.


At the third annual Hall of Flowers (HOF), a business-to-business cannabis industry trade show, concentrate company Pluto soft-launched its first (and limited) edition vaporizer, the Hani Stone, in collaboration with the design and tech driven hardware company, Hanu Labs. Pluto emerges from the same minds who launched the mental health and wellness-oriented CBD brand Hilani. But Pluto aspires to move beyond the terrestrial realm of wellness, and transport consumers to a world unhindered by time constraints and abounding in a diversity of characters peacefully coexisting.

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