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A Concussion Pill Using Cannabis Shows Promising Results

Many people in recent years are more aware about the damage caused by concussions on the human brain. But now a cannabis-based pill could help reverse much of that damage.

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and Scythian Biosciences Corp. of Toronto are working on a concussion pill that combines CBD, one of the cannabinoids in marijuana, with an NMDA amino acid anesthetic. Early results from experiments with the pill found it helped improve cognitive function in rats that had suffered from traumatic brain injuries. The pill also didn't seem to cause any adverse reactions in the rats.

"The results were statistically significant and encouraging," Scythian's Jonathan Gilbert, who manages the University of Miami partnership, said. "This evidence strongly suggests further testing is warranted on medical cannabis' potential in the treatment of trauma to the brain."

The next step in the process for the pill will be to give it to actual patients who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries. The hope is that over the next three years, the group will be able to perfect the drug and get it ready to sell to the public.

It's not terribly surprising that CBD has helped cause these positive effects. There's significant researching showing that CBD and cannabis can help with various neurological treatments. But if this pill can actually reverse some of the damages caused by concussions, that would be a huge development considering there's almost no other medications that can do so.

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