Cannabis Compatibility May Become The Next Big Dating Trend

With legalization just around the corner, singles may be less afraid to put 'cannabis consumer' on their dating profiles. That means cannabis compatibility could become the next big dating trend.

Cannabis compatibility is important because marijuana is useful for enhancing intimacy, according to medical marijuana patient Steven Bisson of Toronto.

"You can be a little bit more open, and that could lead to a better relationship," Bisson told CTV News. He added that lack of tolerance around his own cannabis use has been the bane of a number of past relationships. Now though, Bisson and his partner have found smoking together has strengthened their relationship.

As cannabis has become normalized, dating sites have started pursuing ways to help potential romances bud over a smoke sesh. For instance, the social networking app High There! is trying to create a judgment-free space for cannabis consumers to find each other.

And many non-consumers might try cannabis once it becomes legal because bringing weed into the bedroom can enhance a couple's sex life

"We all react to cannabis very differently, but when we're sharing that together, it really does heighten your sense of arousal...and also compassion and closeness, so you can really feel that with your partner," said Antuanette Gomezthe Toronto-based founder and CEO of Pleasure Peaks, a company offering cannabis-based sexual health products for women. 

"I think that mind and body connection is the beautiful part that cannabis really touches," she added.

Some experts, however, are urging a little more caution about bringing any substances into a relationship. University of Alberta sociology professor Geraint Osborne says his research shows not every couple benefits from cannabis in the bedroom. Some people may face "performance anxiety" for instance, or may develop substance abuse behaviors.

But, like Gomez says, the secret to success in any relationship lies largely in communication. Couples will never know whether or not they have that cannabis compatibility if they don't talk about it.


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