Cannabis Company Turning Famous Winery into Willy Wonka Factory for Marijuana

We often hear about cannabis companies turning unusual spaces into marijuana businesses. But turning a fancy winery into a Willy Wonka Factory for cannabis may be the best.

A company called Flow Kanna purchased a winery in Mendocino County in California for $3.6 million last year. The winery was previously owned by Fetzer Vineyards, a prestigious wine company operating out of California. The winery will be turned into a marijuana processing and manufacturing site, but Flow Kanna is also working to make the site welcoming for tours and tastings. The facility will allow visitors to see the entire process of manufacturing marijuana, offer seminars about the plants, teach people about pairing cannabis for dinners, take yoga classes and will even have cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast on-site.

Ironically the one thing you won't be able to do is buy marijuana. Flow Kanna says there are no plans to grow or sell marijuana at the new facility, although they will open a tasting room in the future where visitors will be gifted free samples of cannabis.

The facility, which will be called the Flow Cannabis Institute, will be located about two and a half hours north of San Francisco. And it should be operational by this Spring.

No word on whether the Flow Cannabis Institute will be hiring Oompa Loompas.

(h/t Business Insider)


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