Cannabis Company Shut Down for Using Dangerous Pesticides on Products

Considering recreational marijuana sales just began in Massachusetts, you'd think everything cannabis-related in the news would be positive. But apparently one of the state's growers may be using dangerous pesticides on their products.

Triple M, a cannabis company in Massachusetts that grows medical marijuana, used unapproved chemicals on its crops according to officials from the state's Department of Health. The company was told to stop selling its products to dispensaries because they could constitute a threat to the health of consumers. 

However Triple M is not backing down. The company says they use a natural pesticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers, and that this pesticide is approved for use in 50 states. It also says the pesticide was never sprayed on the bud of the cannabis plant.

"The natural pesticides that Triple M used have been approved in all 50 States for growing produce as well as for use on cannabis in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, and Ohio,” Triple M said in a statement. “Triple M only used the pesticides during the early stages of cultivation, never on the flower buds and ceased using the pesticides on plants in September 2018."

Triple M is the second cannabis company this year in Massachusetts to be shut down over pesticides. The other company destroyed the infected crops and changed their policies and were allowed to reopen.

(h/t New York Post)


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