Cannabis Company Bloom Farms Commits To Getting 50 Percent Of Its Supply From Women-Operated Businesses

California-based cannabis company, Bloom Farms, announced Tuesday that they are making a commitment to having 50 percent of its cannabis suppliers to be women-owned or operated by the end of 2020. 

“We have an incredible opportunity to build an industry from the ground up that welcomes and supports all participants and doesn’t carry forward the long-established prejudices of other industries,” CEO Michael Ray said in a press release.

Since the beginning, the company has touted their commitment as a mission-based company. One of their early initiatives, which they continue today, is to supply a meal to a food bank in California or Nevada for each product sold in that state.

Their latest initiative to get half of their supply from women-driven companies is an effort, they say, to help foster a more diverse and accepting business culture for the cannabis sector.

“We’ve seen increasing sexism, sexual misconduct and discrimination in the industry and there should be no place for that kind of behavior,” Ray said.  Bloom farm wants to ensure an opportunity gap isn’t created for talented and diverse business owners who have been essential to the California cannabis community for many years.  This is just the beginning for us.”

The company says that it is currently in the process of identifying and securing supply agreements with a number of California cannabis farms owned or operated by women, adding that they will pursue this in Nevada and other states as the markets permit.


In the past few months, the stream of alarming news about the dangers of vaporizer cartridges has put some cannabis consumers on high alert. Since March, more than 2,000 people have gotten sick, and 40 people have died from illnesses related to vaping (VAPI, or vaping associated pulmonary injury). It is believed that the large majority of those who had become ill had used THC oil carts bought from illicit markets.

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