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Cannabis Company Puts Up Over 200 Billboards Promoting the Positives of Marijuana

There are many ways that cannabis companies are getting the word out about the positives of marijuana. But one company has committed to the tried and true method of billboards.

Weedmaps, a company that helps people find marijuana dispensaries in their area, has put up over 200 billboards in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, and Oregon, as well as British Columbia and Ottawa in Canada. The advertisements help push back against common arguments made by anti-marijuana activists. 

“The genesis of the campaign was this idea that so much of the narrative around marijuana legalization was really not based on fact and what the current state of knowledge was,” Chris Beals, president of Weedmaps, told AdWeek. “We thought by combining what we thought was a real need on fostering public dialogue on what the real facts are around marijuana legalization with our brand was a responsible way of getting information out there.”

Weedmaps says they plan to put up another 10 to 15 billboards in the next few months in states where marijuana will be on the ballot. They also plan to change the messaging on their existing billboards every few months so people are exposed to new arguments in favor of cannabis.

Using billboards is partly about getting exposure but also partly about opportunity. Many major digital companies, such as Facebook and Google, don't allow marijuana advertisements, and TV or radio ads can be expensive. So billboards are a cheaper way to advertise, but also get tons of exposure.

We're sure Jeff Sessions is trying to find a way to ban billboards in the United States right now. 

(h/t AdWeek)


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