Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his decision to rescind a policy protecting marijuana laws in legalized states. And while the decision earned a lot of ire from politicians and social media, for cannabis companies, it's business as usual.

Marijuana companies are mostly unfazed in the wake of the news about Jeff Sessions' decision. Many are putting their faith in state laws and politicians who support their industry and want to continue receiving the ever-increasing tax revenue they're generating. Others simply believe the industry is too large now to shut down, particularly after California legalized recreational marijuana on January 1st. 

Another reason they're not fazed: the decision didn't actually change anything. Marijuana was still illegal at the federal level before Sessions' announcement, and it's still illegal now. Sure, Sessions may have given prosecutors power to go after marijuana businesses, but legally nothing has actually changed.

It also helps that most polls show over 60 percent of Americans favor legalizing marijuana. A crackdown on the industry would be politically unpopular for Sessions and Republicans, and the fear of retribution is probably greater than their desire to stop dispensaries. In fact, many believe Sessions' decision may actually spur Congress to finally take action on the issue.

Either way, it seems marijuana companies are not worried right now. So customers should be fine as well.

(h/t USA Today)