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Cannabis Comes To Canadian University Campuses

Universities across Canada have begun rolling out their cannabis regulations.

The majority of people attending universities in Canada will be of legal age to consume cannabis once the substance becomes legalized this fall. For many universities that means establishing their own regulations around consumption on campus. In most cases this means smoking bans similar to the ones already in place around tobacco.

"You're not going to be able to walk the streets, or walk on campus smoking," University of Guelph vice-president Don O'Leary told CTV Kitchener. Edibles, however, will likely be treated like alcohol, explained O'Leary.

"It's got to be responsible, you have to be of age. There is limits to it."

Other campuses, such as Queen's in Kingston, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador and the University of Regina are also moving to ban smoking on university grounds. And some students are calling for designated smoking areas.

"As long as you're not bothering other people, it's not a big deal," one student said.

And in some places this wish will be granted, as the University of British Columbia and University of Victoria will be implementing designated smoking areas.

Other institutions will be taking still harsher stances on cannabis use. In Quebec, there are provincial regulations banning all forms of cannabis from "grounds where buildings placed at the disposal of a post-secondary educational institution are situated." And McGill University, for instance, will ban "edibles, drinkables, topicals etc." as well.

Universities ought to find some way to regulate cannabis effectively, because we can't see outright bans working out for anyone.


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