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This Cannabis Club Gave Away Free Joints In Exchange For Help Keeping The Community Clean

A Colorado cannabis club has a creative way to make their community greener. On the weekend of March 19-20, the owner of The Pothole in Colorado Springs gave anyone 21 or older a joint for every bag of litter they collected from neighborhood streets.

The campaign is an attempt to clean up the area and to demonstrate the positive influence cannabis clubs and their patrons can have on communities.

"We're only trying to do positive things in the community for the community," Steve Pacheco, owner of The Pothole, told KRDO.

Pacheco said he wanted to help break down misconceptions about marijuana and the people who consume it.

"There's nothing wrong with weed and there's nothing wrong with our kind of people," he said.

Cannabis clubs are a hot issue in Colorado Springs, as well as communities in other legal states. Currently, none of the legal states permit public use of marijuana, so residents who can't smoke of vape cannabis at home (e.g. because their landlords forbid it or they live in public housing) would have no place to go if cannabis clubs are banned.

And that's what Colorado Springs did on Mar. 22, when city council voted in favor of the ban. But Pacheco and other cannabis clubs enthusiasts aren't giving up. They're banding together to do another clean up this weekend to combat the negative portrayal of the clubs by local lawmakers.

"City Hall's painted a bad picture for us, so we figured we would be more public about what we do in our community."

For more on the standoff between the city and the cannabis clubs, check out this video:

h/t Parent Herald, The Gazette


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