Healthy Cannabis Recipes To Kick Off 2016

Sugary nibbles on every side table, the never-ending punch bowl, a social calendar more aggressive than your neighbor's front-yard Christmas display - the year is coming to an end and you're likely a bit drained. If you're feeling the excesses of the season, keep your chin up, get moving, and check out these healthy recipes to help you refresh and refuel in 2016.

1. Budsamic Vinigarette

Let's be real: dressing is a big part of why you actually eat your salad. Balsamic has remained a staple choice amongst fridges everywhere (alongside Ranch, Ceaser, and French, of course). It's a known fact though that store-bought versions are filled with unsightly fats, salts, sugars, fake flavors, and who knows what else. Keep it clean and make your own version with The Stoner's Cookbook's cannabis-infused take on balsamic vinegarette. You'll get your daily dose of veggies and catch a high, too. Find that recipe here.

2. "Green" Smoothie

Smoothies and juices have long been touted for being a quick and nourishing way to step up your breakfast game. Have you ever thought of supplementing your spinach for a "different" kind of green? The recipe below features a combination of pineapple, hemp seeds, and raw, lush cannabis leaves, but feel free to get creative with other fruit and veg pairings. And if you don't have access to the fresh leaf itself, just stick to your usual grind. Either way, the wake-and-bake just got slightly more namaste.

3. Medicated Nuts

Brands like Auntie Dolores and Winterlife Cannabis are spearheading the tasty new trend of cannabis-infused nuts. A super-host of unsaturated fats, fiber, and protein, these healthy bits give an extra kick to salads and soups, and are just as fine to eat on their own. Check out Auntie Dolores' sweet and spicy recipe (scroll down for the goods). Just remember - it serves 10-12 people, so practice moderation or you could end up on the couch.

4. Gluten-free Granola

Goji berries, flax meal, hemp seeds, whatever – a homemade batch of granola is easy to make and a solid way to pack in a whole lot of health into one serving. Chef Blaine Alexandr of Herb Kitchen delivers a cannabis-infused version that's both gluten-free and guilt-free, and aimed at setting you up with organic, superfood ingredients to compliment your high and the adventure that goes along with it.


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