Cannabis Christmas Eve: Santa Before Smoking vs. Santa Stoned

Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus checks his list twice before flying to deliver gifts to all the “nice” children. According to tradition, Santa Claus climbs down the chimney of every household to eat milk and cookies left for him, deliver gifts, and most importantly, bring joy to all the families celebrating Christmas. Now that marijuana legalization is becoming more common across the world, Santa can relax a bit more when he’s delivering gifts because he can consume cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, which may affect his sleigh route.

Before Santa Claus consumes marijuana, he enjoys delivering gifts just like any other Christmas; by eating cookies, checking in with Mrs. Claus, flying his sleigh, feeding the reindeer carrots, and delivering presents. This quickly changes once Santa is stoned because his coordination is slightly off, so he adds getting stuck in a chimney to his route. Also, in addition to eating Christmas cookies, Santa also indulges in the reindeer’s carrots because his “munchies” boost his appetite. The “munchies” become a distraction because Santa also forgets to check in with Mrs. Claus and delivers gifts to the wrong houses. Smoking on Christmas Eve might not produce the best Christmas, but it gives Santa the opportunity to ponder his purpose in the world.   


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