Cannabis CEO Predicts Amazon Will Eventually Sell Marijuana

You can get pretty much anything you can imagine off of Amazon, and at least one cannabis company CEO says that may soon include marijuana.

Jim Patterson is the CEO of Eaze, a marijuana delivery company. In a recent interview with Yahoo, Patterson was asked about the possibility of Amazon delivering cannabis. Patterson said it's simply a matter of when, not if, Amazon will eventually get involved.

“I think there’s no doubt that eventually Amazon will get into this business. The question is, is that five years, 10 years, or 20 years,” says Eaze CEO Jim Patterson. “I think it will be a bit longer for them…until there’s much more clarity at the federal level.”

Of course, Patterson would know. Customers can use his website Eaze to browse the selections at their local dispensaries and purchase what they want, and then Eaze will deliver your cannabis to you without you ever having to leave the door. It's basically Amazon for weed already. Patterson predicts marijuana delivery will generate $1 billion of sales in the United States by 2020.

Patterson said Amazon would probably wait to get involved once there's more clarity from the federal government about how they're going to treat legalized marijuana.

But considering Amazon's basically gotten involved in everything from books to groceries, it's probably pretty likely they'll add marijuana to the list eventually.

(h/t Yahoo)


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