Cannabis Helps This California Mom Get What Every Parent Needs: A Good Night's Sleep

If there’s one thing all new parents know to be true, it’s that a good night’s sleep is invaluable. 

For Karli Warner, it would be a lot harder to achieve without cannabis.  

The founding partner of edibles company Garden Society has never been a great sleeper.

Long before she had her daughter, Warner tried various pharmaceuticals to help treat her anxiety – which seriously impacted her sleep quality – but they only seemed to cause more problems.  

“As someone with anxiety, the minute my head hits the pillow I start thinking, ‘Okay, what do I have to do tomorrow?’ That wheel always starts turning at the end of the night,” Warner, of Sonoma County, CA, told Civilized.

“I had a really negative experience with Ambien and other sleep aids, which gave me horrible hallucinations or these really intense hangovers... So I started using cannabis and it worked really, really well and didn’t come with any of those horrible side effects.”

When Warner got pregnant a little over two years ago, she opted to quit cannabis until after she was finished breastfeeding. Now that her daughter is 17 months old, the importance of cannabis to her sleep cycle – and, consequently, her sanity – could not be overstated.

“There are so many worries that you have as a parent and [cannabis] basically helps quiet my mind so I can not only fall asleep more quickly, but stay asleep through the night,” she said.

“I find that if I’m more refreshed, I’m a more alert and overall better parent during the day.”  

Warner isn’t alone. A poll conducted by Civilized in 2016 found that 51 percent of cannabis users surveyed had children under the age of 13, while 27 percent had children between 13 and 17. Another more recent study found that many new parents in the U.S. continue to consume cannabis after having kids.

Unfortunately, the growing number of parents coming out of the cannabis closet hasn’t necessarily curbed certain negative stereotypes as quickly as some might like.

 “I come from the wine industry and I find it interesting that people are so open about drinking, that there are all these jokes about moms needing their wine... and then people have such judgment about cannabis,” said Warner.

“There are definitely certain people with whom I’m a little more guarded [about my cannabis use] in the beginning... but as someone in the business, I feel it’s important to be a leader and talk openly about cannabis and the benefits of it.”

When she’s old enough, Warner’s daughter will be no exception. Warner said she plans to be as open as possible with her daughter about cannabis, its benefits, and its responsible use.

“I grew up in a family with a strong Italian heritage so wine was ever present in our lives... I think cannabis is certainly different but it's something we’ll be open about, including safety and things like that,” said Warner. “We’ll likely treat it similarly to how a parent might treat alcohol in the home.”

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