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A Cannabis Breathalyzer Is Almost Ready To Hit The Road

With legalization movements gaining momentum in America, and Canadians having elected a pro-legalization government, law enforcers in North America need to find ways to keep impaired drivers off the roads.

Cannabix Technologies - a research lab based in Vancouver - has partnered with the University of Florida to develop a solution: A breathalyzer specially designed to detect cannabis use.

Kal Malhi - the president of Cannabix - told the CBC that THC stays in a person's lungs for approximately two hours after consumption - regardless of whether it's been inhaled or ingested. If that's true, then the breath test would be more accurate and less invasive than current testing methods.

Cannabix has already built a prototype, but it needs to be tested further before it's ready to hit the market. However, Malhi will have competition. Researchers at Washington State University have a rival breathalyzer prototype that they estimate is about a year away from production.

The race to keep our roads safer is on.

Here's a look at how Cannabix's "Breathflow Monitor" works:

h/t CBC, Rolling Stone


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