ATTN Cannabis Bookworms: 'Funny Or Die' Just Launched A New Series Called 'Blazed Book Reviews'

Could you keep your head straight enough to do a book review while high? Comedian Jon Gabrus recently took that challenge in the new 'Funny or Die' series 'Blazed Book Reviews,' where he had to chat with author Nate Dern after smoking a Sour Diesel joint. Check out the above clip and let us know what grade you'd give Gabrus for his efforts.


Alberta recently announced plans to stop licensing cannabis retailers until Canada's cannabis supply shortage has been resolved—a move some US experts think is the wrong way for the Canadian province to approach the issue. At the end of November, the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC), which regulates the province's cannabis industry, said they would temporarily stop issuing licenses for new pot shops. The AGLC says they made that move because the province simply can't get enough cannabis to supply any more stores.

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