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Cannabis Arcade to Open in Denver

No matter how old you are, there's always an arcade ready for you. When you're a kid, it's Chuck E. Cheese. When you're an adult, it's Dave & Buster's. But if you're in Denver and also a smoker, there's a new place in town.

An arcade called Vape & Play will become the second business in Denver to receive a license for social consumption of marijuana.  Customers will be able to bring their own cannabis to the arcade and use it at the designated vape bar inside. The arcade is set to open this fall on Denver's "Green Mile."

The process to receive a social consumption license in Denver is quite thorough, and the founders said they had to own the property for six months and keep it empty during the process. But they said it will be worth it once the arcade finally opens.

Vape & Play is only the second business to receive the social consumption license in Denver, the other being a businesses called "The Coffee Joint." 

Now that we have cannabis arcades, we need to figure out new types of business for marijuana consumption. Perhaps a movie theater where you get baked before seeing a film. Or what about a planetarium? 

Basically, Denver should just make every business cannabis friendly. That will really attract new residents.

(h/t Culture Magazine)


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