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Cannabis and Cystitis

Over the last decade, a remarkable amount of evidence has been found showcasing the various effects of cannabis on a number of medical conditions. It’s now become widely known among the medical community that cannabis benefits a wide variety of conditions, from insomnia to breast cancer. But what about lesser known conditions like cystitis, the painful bladder system? 

Here we will be taking a closer look at cystitis, how and why it occurs, and how cannabis can benefit those suffering from the condition. 

Cystitis is a painful condition that occurs within the bladder and the urethra. Once this condition manifests, the patient will experience strenuous swelling and discomfort. While the direct cause of cystitis has yet to be found, it is known that the condition often stems from untreated urinary tract infections as well as factors such as spermicides, radiation and various medications. 

Those suffering from cystitis will typically experience symptoms such as burning during urination, blood within the urine, the frequent need to urinate, pelvic discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse. While there is no cure for interstitial cystitis, more common forms of cystitis are usually treated with antibiotics. However, for those suffering from long term cystitis, the use of cannabis has shown promising results. 

Studies involving synthetic cannabinoids were shown to dramatically reduce several common symptoms of cystitis, including chronic pain, depression and difficulty sleeping. Most importantly the cannabinoids hold a strong anti-inflammatory effect that helps reduce damage to organs like the liver that commonly occurs in patients with cystitis. 

If you, or someone you know, have been diagnosed with cystitis and are interested in using cannabis as a treatment option, we suggest beginning by checking your state’s list of qualifying conditions. While some states may not outright lists cystitis as a qualifying conditions, many will allow residents to legally receive cannabis to treat common symptoms like chronic pain or sleep trouble.


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