Researchers Find Cannabinoids May Have Wide Range of Anti-Tumor Effects

We often hear hard-to-believe claims that marijuana can help fight cancer. But new research says it may actually be possible.

A new article in the British Journal of Pharmacology suggests that certain cannabinoids can help fight cancer cells. Specifically, the researchers say phytocannabinoid can “stop cancer cells from dividing and invading normal tissue, and they may block the blood supply in tumors.” The researchers also says that other cannabinoids can help improve the body's immune response to the growth and spread of tumors.

This doesn't mean people should ditch other forms of medical treatment and just start smoking cannabis to get rid of their cancer. The researchers said that other anti-cancer drugs and treatments should still be used alongside marijuana. But they also said there needs to be more clinical studies done with cannabis and cancer to see just how effective it could be. 

Other studies have suggested cannabis could be helpful in fighting cancer, although it's still an area that requires far more experimentation and research into it. But considering most states with medical marijuana allow cancer patients to use it, it's probably worth a shot.

(h/t New York Post)


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