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Cancer-Surviving Gamer Banned From Cancer Charity Event For Having Medical Marijuana

Games Done Quick (GDQ), a Virginia based charity organization, has banned a prominent video game speedrunner for sharing a cannabis edible with a friend at a recent GDQ event.

Speedrunning is a is style of video-gaming where players attempt to complete games as quickly as possible. And the gamer known as BubblesDelFuego is one of the most prominent personalities in the space. Or he was until a GDQ event in January, where BubblesDelFuego shared a cannabis edible with a friend. Later that evening, the friend was admitted to hospital after suffering an anxiety attack. Once GDQ became aware of situation, they proceeded to escort Bubbles out of the event and have banned him from attending any in the future.

BubblesDelFuego, a two-time cancer survivor, has been taking medical marijuana to help alleviate lingering pain after beating Hodgkin's lymphoma when he was 17 and again at 19. That makes his ban from GDQ events particularly ironic.

“As a result, the two-time cancer survivor is now banned from a cancer marathon,” he said during a recent livestream

GDQ has clear regulations against the use of cannabis at their events, and the drug policy posted on their website states “anyone using marijuana at the event must be able to prove they are doing so legally by the laws of the state the event is held in.” And at the time of the event in January, only patients with epilepsy could access medicinal cannabis in Virginia

During his livestream, BubblesDelFuego took some time to speak about what was next for him, “I’ve come to terms that I’m banned and no longer going. I’ve taken this week off to reflect and calm down and to gather my thoughts and words. I’m not done speedrunning or streaming or being the best. By the way, I’m still the best.”

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