Canada is set to legalize recreational marijuana as a country in less than two months, and anti-cannabis advocates are already preparing for this apocalyptic event. But are Canadians worried about the upcoming changes?

A company recent conducted a survey of 1,500 Canadians to determine what issues facing the country are they most worried about. The number one biggest fear among Canadians right now is Donald Trump, with 48 percent of them saying they are "extremely concerned" about the American president. Marijuana legalization, on the other hand, finished in dead last among Canadian fears with only 18 percent saying they were extremely concerned and 15 percent saying they are very concerned.

Even when split between political preferences, the results were still the same in regards to marijuana. While conservative voters were less likely to see Trump as a concern compared to liberal voters, they still rated cannabis as the least concerning issue facing Canada.

This isn't too surprising considering the majority of Canadians do support legalization. Most polls put support for recreational marijuana legalization at around 65 to 70 percent. 

No one tell Trump about this survey, or he might just invade Canada just to get revenge.

(h/t High Times)