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Canadian WWII Veteran Who Survived Dunkirk Has Stunning Reaction to Film

Over the weekend, Dunkirk came out. The Christopher Nolan-directed film tells the story of the British army desperately trying to save 400,000 soldiers stranded in northern France after the German invasion during World War Two. The battle occurred in 1940, nearly 80 years ago, meaning some of the men who survived the battle are still alive today.

Ken Sturdy is a Canadian veteran who was part of those 400,000 men stranded at Dunkirk, and over the weekend he went to a Calgary movie theater to watch Nolan's film. Sturdy was only 20-years-old at the time of the battle, and continued to serve throughout the war. Afterwards he gave an interview to a local news station about his experience watching the movie. 

You have to wonder what it's like watching one of the most terrifying moments of your life played out by actors in a movie. But it seems Sturdy appreciated the movie for telling his story and the stories of the other 400,000 soldiers stranded on that beach.


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