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Canadian Politician Says People Wearing Marijuana Leaf Clothing Are 'Disgusting'

While there are many arguments made against marijuana legalization, it usually revolves around possible side effects of the drug. But one Canadian politician is worried about the sanctity of clothing.

Marilyn Glau, a conservative member of parliament in Canada, is strongly advocating for a ban on the production of clothing and paraphernalia promoting cannabis. She says such items are "disgusting" and would disrespect Canada Day and the country's veterans.

"There are a lot of Canadians out there that are worried that when marijuana is legalized in Canada that they are going to use Canada Day to bring flags with cannabis on them, everybody will have a t-shirt with cannabis on it and it will be disgusting," Glau said. "It will absolutely denigrate our country and the people who served our country."

I mean, that's certainly an interesting argument. I'm sure stoners throughout Canada were waiting for marijuana to become legalized to disrespect Canada Day and the country's veterans.

Glau also said in the same speech that Mexican cartels will take over Canada's black market marijuana if legalization occurs, which seems to be a bit unusual. Why would they suddenly decide to take over the black market after the country legalizes cannabis, and therefore would have a smaller market than if the drug was still illegal and not available in dispensaries?

Seriously someone needs to send Glau some better anti-marijuana notecards. These are some pretty weak arguments.

(h/t Global News)


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