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Canadian Medical Marijuana Producer Zenabis Announces New Recreational Cannabis Brand Namaste

Just one year after establishing themselves as one of the big players in Canada's medical marijuana industry, the New Brunswick-based cannabis producer Zenabis has decided to take the jump into the recreational market, which will officially open on Wednesday (Oct. 17). Their new line of adult use products will be launched under the brand name Namaste and will be available on retail shelves in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and British Columbia this week.

"After earning our stripes by responsibly providing premium cannabis to the medical world, we're thrilled to be taking that same passion, expertise and quality to products created for the recreational world," Dr. Natasha Ryz - Chief Science Officer for Zenabis - said yesterday at the launch event held at Tuck Interiors in Saint John, New Brunswick.

To start, Namaste will release "flower products and milled products," according to Dr. Ryz, who added that more items will be available in the near future. "We will be coming out with pre-rolled products very shortly. And then we have some other very interesting products down the pipeline including oils and oral sprays."

Consumers will be able to pick from a variety of strains on Day One, including Ultra Sour—which Ryz called their "highest hitting product right now" at 20 percent THC. People looking for something mellow can check out Daytime CBD, which contains less than one percent THC.

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Dr. Ryz hopes Namaste's thoughtful and responsible approach to cannabis will help break down age-old stigmas surrounding cannabis use.

That mission involves "everything from speaking responsibly about our products to making sure we're creating a variety of options, high-CBD products, lower-THC products," she said, adding that educating the public is also crucial to make sure legalization is a success. "Some people who don't really like smoking may try to consume an edible but may not understand that that may take an hour and might have different effects [than smoking]."

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"This is an exciting time for Canada," Dr. Ryz added. "This hasn't happened before—having stores where you can legally buy cannabis. I'm hoping to see a lot of curious users, people who were a little hesitant about cannabis and see that its not what they thought it was."


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