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Canadian Doctor Puts Out Ridiculous Claim About Woman Going to ER for Eating an Edible

The medical community seems split on the marijuana legalization issue with some doctors realizing that there's tons of research showing the benefits of the drug, and others sticking with more old-fashioned views. But one Canadian doctor is taking the anti-cannabis stance to a ridiculous level.

Dr. Merrilee Brown is physician and medical educator who recently won the Family Physician of the Year from the Ontario College of Family Physicians. Brown recently went on Twitter to make a completely ridiculous claim about a woman who supposedly ended up in her emergency room from marijuana use. Take a look:

Let's take a look at this tweet a little more closely. Brown claims the patient ingested 20 grams of THC from one piece of a 16 piece chocolate bar. If that were actually true, that would mean the entire chocolate bar would contain 320 grams, which is about 0.7 pounds, of THC, not counting any chocolate or other ingredients. That's just not possible.

Even as people called Brown out for the ridiculous amounts of THC she claims this patient ingested, she continued pushing anti-marijuana tweets and claims about people going psychotic after using cannabis. She pointed to one case where someone used marijuana and tried to kill their brother and required six police officers to subdue him.

Of course, there's no link or any evidence to this story, because the media just covered up the story about a stoner trying to murder his brother and needed several police officers to stop him!

She later cited a study of U.S. poison control calls related to marijuana poisoning, and claimed that three percent of cases led to people needed ventilator support. However someone in the replies to her tweet noted that the actual study didn't say three percent, but said there were only three TOTAL cases where that occurred.

While everyone is entitled to their view, if you're a medical professional who relies on presenting misleading or completely inaccurate claims in order to justify your opinion, you might need to rethink your position.

(h/t Twitter)


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