Canadian Company Develops Cancer Treatment Using Cannabis-Based Israeli Technology

Canadian patients could test a new cannabis-based cancer treatment as early as this year.

The cannabis-based treatment product was developed by MedC Biopharma - a Canadian pharmaceutical corporation - and the Volcani Center, which is a research body of the Israeli government.

"Our product is based on production of specific particles in the plant, a combination of several of its molecules in a very precise dosage," Guy Drori - Co-founder of MedC - said via press release. "Our formulation has no active ingredients that were not previously identified, but the selection of these ingredients and the precise ratios between them make this product unusual, as opposed to use of the complete cannabis plant or use of a single active ingredient, which makes it possible to register a patent on it and develop it as a drug."

Clinical trials of the new drug are slated to take place early this year, treating patients suffering from Cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) - a rare form of skin cancer. Roughly 6 in one million people (0.000006 percent) have CTCL, which represents roughly 4 percent of all cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 

The product has been tested on CTCL cancer cells at the Volcani Center, but it hasn't been tested on animals or human beings yet. Hopefully a successful trial run will not only give doctors a new weapon against CTCL but also expand our understanding of the role cannabis could play in combating other forms of cancer.

H/T: Globes


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