The Canadian Cannabis Industry Is So Hot Right Now, They Need to Import Workers

It's been less than two months since Canada officially legalized recreational marijuana, but most people seem pleased with how things are going. And if you're looking for a job in Canada, you should really be pleased.

The Canadian Cannabis Industry is blowing up right now, and they have plenty of job offerings available. According to Bloomberg, the eight largest cannabis companies in Canada alone are trying to fill around 1,700 job openings. And estimates that 34 out of every 10,000 job openings in Canada are in the cannabis industry. That may seem like very little, but when you consider that only 2,400 people were employed in the industry at the end of 2017, that represents a large increase.

One of the biggest ways Canadian cannabis companies are filling positions is through the country's Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program. Cannabis producers in the country are bringing in workers from other countries to help work their greenhouses and get supply in order for recreational markets. 

This is particularly important because it seems some Canadians aren't interested in these greenhouse positions. One cannabis company told Bloomberg they hired 50 people over the summer to work in the greenhouses, and 42 of them quit within a week because they couldn't handle the hot conditions. 

The question is just how many jobs can the cannabis industry create. One expert believes the Canadian cannabis industry could create 125,000 jobs in the first year of legalization. While that may be optimistic, it is clear early on that there are plenty of positions available right now.

(h/t Bloomberg)


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