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Canada’s Proposed Cannabis Beverage Regulations Ban Any Association with Alcohol

Back in December, a draft of Canada’s proposed regulations for edible cannabis products was released, outlining the plans for cannabis-infused food and drink in the country.

However, as a recent article from the Financial Post points out, several of the regulations intended to clarify the labeling for cannabis-infused beverages might actually make it more difficult for potential customers to find the products they want.

"It is prohibited to make an express or implied representation, including by way of a brand element, on a cannabis product — or on the package, label or panel of a cannabis product — if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the representation associates the cannabis product or the brand element with an alcoholic beverage," it reads, in the current draft of the proposed regulations.

Should these regulations go into action as edibles and drinks become legal, then brands associated with alcoholic beverages will not be able to use their name, logo, or image in conjunction with the product.

This will make it difficult for alcoholic beverage companies looking to get into cannabis-infused drinks to cross-promote their products. Additionally, customers looking to try cannabis beverages will not be given the benefit of brand recognition when choosing their products.

The Post also suggests that de-alcoholised cannabis-infused beverages will not be able to use the terms "beer" or "wine," even if the product is that flavour or style. While these regulations are intended to promote transparency, this could potentially provide the opposite effect, making it so customers will have a harder time trying to find the kind of products they want.  

Cannabis-infused beverages, a top-seller in legal US markets, have the potential to make it big in Canada as well. Hopefully, confusing labeling won’t discourage customers from trying new way to consume.


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