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Celebrate Canada Day With These True North Munchies

When it comes to curing the munchies, America has no shortage of options, from quick fixes like Funyuns to craving quenchers like White Castle burgers. But Canada also has a fair share of remedies for the munchies, and many can only be bought in the Great White North. Here are six more reasons celebrate Canada Day and stock up on snacks before the next 4/20.

1. Ketchup chips

Whether Canadians invented ketchup chips is up for debate, but there's no denying Canucks love the flavor that often turns their fingertips bright red - like the Leaf on the nation's flag. There's even a limited-edition brand of ketchup Doritos.

2. All Dressed chips

Joe Shlabotnik /

Ever wonder what it'd be like if you spliced a sweet and tangy barbecue chip with a sharp and salty vinegar chip? That's basically the flavor you get from all-dressed chips, which have recently made their way into some American markets thanks to Ruffles.

3. Coffee Crisp

igor kisselev /

This coffee-flavored chocolate bar containing crisp layers of wafers has been called "Canada's official chocolate bar" by The National Post. And its makers - Nestlé Canada - celebrated the snack's 75th anniversary in 2014 by calling Coffee Crisp "a uniquely Canadian treat" because it's the only chocolate bar that was invented and is still being produced in Canada.

4. Crispy Crunch

The other contender for the oldest and most Canadian candy is Crispy Crunch. The bar of crunchy peanut flake coated in chocolate was invented in Toronto in 1923 and commercially sold starting in 1930.

5. Nanaimo bars

Imagine a cookie, a cake and a brownie had a baby. That's probably the best way to describe these triple-decker desserts with a graham-cracker crust, custard filling and chocolate top. Unlike the other treats on this list, you won't have trouble finding a recipe for Nanaimo bars online.

6. Beaver Tails

Pearl Pirie /

These Canadian pastries might be the ultimate remedy for the munchies because of their versatility. Made of dough that's stretched and fried, Beaver Tails can be loaded up with crumbled Oreo's, maple butter, garlic and cheese, or many other options. But the chain that sells them is strictly Canadian.

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