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Earn Cannabis-Related Prizes With Canada's Largest Marijuana Rewards Program

People love free stuff; there is perhaps no truth more universal than this.

Cannabis consumers are no exception – and thanks to Canada’s largest cannabis and technology company, they’re in luck.

In conjunction with its recent annual cannabis expo in Toronto, Lift launched the country’s most comprehensive cannabis-related loyalty program – and the only legal one of its kind.

Lift Rewards works like this: cannabis consumers who sign up for the free program earn points that can be redeemed for numerous prizes, from discounts off medical cannabis to high quality accessories (and much in between.) Members also get free access to exclusive promotions from Lift’s partners as well as invite-only industry events.

Earning points is relatively easy – especially (but not necessarily) if you’re a medical marijuana patient in Canada. Rack them up by writing product or strain reviews from licensed cannabis producers, completing short surveys, or attending events like the Lift Expo.

Then, you can cash in your points (each equalling one cent) with licensed producers, Lift’s own e-commerce store, or the numerous businesses Lift has partnered with through the program. If you’re in Toronto, for example, you can redeem your points for discounts at local sushi shops or health and wellness stores.

“It’s essentially an all-encompassing rewards program where your points are redeemable both in the cannabis world and beyond,” Lift CEO Matei Olaru told Civilized.

“It’s the only program where you can get free or discounted legal cannabis from our participating licensed producers, and people love free stuff. It turns out they love free cannabis, as well.”

Making it easier for medical cannabis patients to access their medicine was actually what inspired the creation of the rewards program, said Olaru. Lift heard loud and clear that affording cannabis isn’t always easy, he said.

“What we hear time and time again is that many people who need cannabis can’t afford it, as they’re often on disability leave and [have trouble paying for] cannabis,” said Olaru. “Really, the initial impetus for this program was to reward people for sharing their experiences and writing reviews to help other patients, and to alleviate the financial burden of purchasing cannabis.

“It’s about building a community of patients and giving back.”

Sign up for Lift Rewards here.


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