Can You Order Weed Through the Mail?

Sweeping prohibition reforms have been changing the way people across Canada and many U.S. states purchase cannabis, and with these changes have come many questions. Many people are wondering, can you order weed through the mail?

Let’s take a look at the issue.

It’s Unlikely that You Can Order Weed Through the Mail

The law is pretty clear when it comes to ordering weed in the mail. In Canada, you can order medicinal marijuana as long as you have a prescription. Other than that, you can’t legally send or receive weed in the mail.

As for the United States, there is no place where it is legal to order weed through the mail. The USPS falls under federal jurisdiction, so they adhere to federal rather than state laws. And in recent years third party carriers like FedEx and UPS have been indicted for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and while these cases didn’t involve cannabis, it gave them incentive to monitor and prevent the shipping of all drugs.

That being said, there are online retailers who claim to provide mail order weed. So what about those?

Be Skeptical of Anyone Offering Mail Order Weed

Here’s the thing with those mail order weed operations – many of them are scams. For the most part they’re actually selling fake synthetic weed, or just taking your money and sending nothing at all.

But there are online retailers out there who provide actual mail order weed. The trick is to find one that’s real, and that’s a bit of a crap shoot. Almost all websites purporting to offer weed by mail provide glowing reviews, but the fact is that most of these reviews are fake. So essentially, by ordering from virtually any site, you’re rolling the dice on the outcome.

What are the possible outcomes when you order weed in the mail?

- You get real weed (unlikely)

- You get synthetic weed

- You pay and get nothing at all

- You get into legal trouble

Admittedly, the possibility of legal trouble is relatively remote. But it’s still there.

So, can you order weed in the mail? Maybe, but the odds are against it.


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