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Can Professional Athletes Smoke Weed if It's Legal in Their State?

With state after state embracing cannabis legalization, a lot of organizations that have historically punished pot use have been struggling to catch up. This has a lot of people wondering, can professional athletes smoke weed if its legal in their state?

As it turns out, the answer is likely “no”. 

Can Pro Athletes Smoke Weed?

To answer this question, we have to look at specific sports. 

For example, the World Anti-Doping Administration has dramatically loosened its restrictions on pot, meaning that professional athletes who participate in events like the Olympics can now have as much as 150 nanograms in their system. At the same time, pro snowboarders in all professional events can now smoke weed up to a week before they compete.

Strict Rules Against Pro Athletes Smoking Weed

On the other hand, the NCAA, NFL, NBA, and MLB all have strict rules against smoking weed, even if a team happens to be in or visiting a legalized state. And while all of these organizations claim to maintain the pot ban because they say it reflects the science on the issue and the best safety practices for players, not only has science disproven virtually every supposed “risk” associated with cannabis use, but recent surveys of football players have shown that they prefer cannabis over prescription drug when it comes to treating pain.

But even in light of scientific and player support, few pro athlete organizations seem to be doing anything in the way of embracing cannabis use, even in the off-season.

So the bottom line is that while more and more players are advocating the elimination or at least lowering for cannabis restrictions, it is unlikely that professional athletes will be able to smoke weed anytime soon – at least without risking fines and suspensions. 

Translation: if you’re looking to be a pro athlete and a weed toker, you better set your signs on snowboarding or shot-put. 


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