One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Beer

They say space tourism isn’t far off – and what’s a holiday without beer?  

In a venture being described as one of "the coolest experiments to be performed on the lunar surface," a team of researchers is aiming to find out whether beer can be brewed on the Moon. The scientists from the University of California are developing a pop can-sized fermentation vessel they hope to have transported on an Indian spacecraft set to take off later this year.

The researchers say that finding out how yeast reacts to lunar conditions is important for the development of pharmaceuticals and yeast-containing foods in space. While the fermentation and carbonation phases are normally separated during brewing, the team is planning to combine them (thus eliminating the need to release dangerous accumulated carbon dioxide).

“Our canister is designed based on actual fermenters,” said mechanical leader Srivaths Kaylan.

“It contains three compartments, the top will be filled with unfermented beer, and the second will contain the yeast.

“When the rover lands on the Moon with our experiment, a valve will open between the two compartments, allowing the two to mix.”

Once the yeast has completed its job, another valve will open to allow the substance to separate from the fermented beer.

The team from California was one of 25 chosen from a pool of 3,000 applicants to compete for their experiment to be included on the TeamIndus spacecraft, which is slated to launch come December.

h/t The Telegraph.


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