Camp Bud+Breakfast: America's First Cannabis Resort

There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts out there pandering to the booze-loving party crowd: now, cannabis lovers can embark on a getaway specifically tailored to their needs.

Camp Bud+Breakfast is a 414-acre, all-inclusive getaway in Parshall, Colorado: it's being billed as the first resort in America where guests can "combine recreational marijuana use and education with a traditional ranch experience," according to The MaryJane Group, a Colorado-based hospitality management company. Twelve cabins are nestled in the spruce and pine forest lining the picturesque Williams Fork River, with amenities ranging from cannabis-related wellness and art classes, cannabis yoga, hot tubs, river tubing, fly-fishing, and beach volleyball.

Contrary to the name, Camp Bud+Breakfast is, for legal reasons, unable to hand out bud to guests; however, they've made the stash-replenishment process as painless as possible.

"Guests who wish to buy marijuana can turn to the property's cannabis concierge, who'll provide a menu of recommended strains, plus suggested pairings with specific activities and meals. The retreat has exclusive partnerships with area dispensaries, which means guests enjoy special rates and private dispensary tours," according to The MaryJane Group.

This may come as a surprise to folks unfamiliar with Colorado pot laws - but the resort is among only a handful in the Evergreen State that officially sanctions guests smoking cannabis on-site. While recreational marijuana use is legal in the state, public consumption is not.

"Thanks to its small number of rooms and secluded mountainside location, Camp Bud+Breakfast is able to allow marijuana consumption in all public areas." Guests are encouraged to "experience the communal vibe in one of many public areas (including the hot tubs, riverside, smoking lounge, bonfire, activities room, restaurant and walking trails)." Each cabin has access to a private deck, where smoking is permitted.

"There truly is no place like this in the entire world," said MaryJane Group CEO Joel Schneider in a statement.

"We're bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment."

Camp Bud+Breakfast starts accepting reservations for the July 1 – September 30 season on March 15, 2016.


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