Former NFL Great Calvin Johnson Gets Approval to Open Marijuana Dispensary in Michigan

A former NFL pro bowler and future Hall-of-Famer will soon be opening a marijuana dispensary in Michigan.

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson received preliminary approval yesterday for a license for a medical marijuana dispensary just outside of Detroit. Johnson applied for the permit alongside another former Lions player, Rob Sims. While they did receive their preliminary approval, they will still need to undergo a final approval to actually open the doors once they're ready.

Johnson and Sims had previously applied for a medical marijuana license, but were denied due to a series of traffic tickets Johnson had not resolved. Apparently he had taken care of them before this new hearing.

Something tells me a marijuana dispensary run by Calvin Johnson near Detroit will be a huge attraction. It would be like if Kobe Bryant opened a dispensary outside of Los Angeles, although only if Kobe had never played with Shaq and never won a championship. 

Michigan legalized recreational marijuana in November, however the state has not introduced legislation to begin recreational sales of cannabis. So while it is legal to possess and use marijuana, dispensaries still only sell to customers who are registered medical marijuana users in Michigan.

(h/t CBS Detroit)


Local officials and law enforcers often have fears that allowing legal cannabis shops to operate within their jurisdictions will have detrimental effects. Some people fear that allowing pot shops in their neighborhood will increase violent crime rates, allow young people easier access to the drug and lower the property value of surrounding homes. But is any of that true?

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