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California Says Marijuana Can Be Delivered Anywhere Including Places Where Legal Sales Aren't Allowed

When California legalized recreational marijuana at the beginning of the year, obviously people knew it wasn't going to be 100 percent smooth sailing. But now one of the questions surrounding the industry finally received an answer.

California's Bureau of Cannabis Control announced on Friday that marijuana delivery will be allowed throughout the entire state, including places where recreational cannabis sales are not allowed. Therefore if you live in a city that doesn't allow legal marijuana sales, you can place an order at a dispensary in a neighboring city and have it delivered as opposed to driving all the way there yourself. 

Supporters of this policy say sick and older people may be denied access to their legal right to marijuana if they live in cities with no legal sales because it's more difficult for them to drive long distances. The same is true for poorer people who may not even have a car and cannot afford the costs of transportation to areas of legal sales.

Several organizations including the California Police Chiefs Association, the League of California Cities and United Food and the Commercial Workers Western States Council opposed the policy, claiming that it will make the state's marijuana industry more dangerous because of this unregulated activity. Of course, this is just a largely hypothetical argument that doesn't cite any instances in other legal states where cannabis delivery led to increases in crime or violence.

Maybe it's time for people to just accept marijuana is legal and not be so uptight about it.

(h/t KTLA)


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