California City Becomes the First 'Sanctuary City for Cannabis' in America

Sanctuary cities have arisen in the past year as local governments have pledged to not help the federal government deport immigrants living in their jurisdictions. But now one California city has become the first place to be a sanctuary for marijuana.

The city council in Berkeley, California voted to become a sanctuary city for recreational marijuana. According to the new law, no employee of the city will be allowed to use funds or resources to help the federal government enforce drug laws. The city will also help any businesses that are targeted for closure by the DEA. This actually the second time Berkeley has become a marijuana sanctuary, as they passed a similar measure ten years ago for medical marijuana.

Berkeley is the first city in the United States to take this measure. However, this could be come an increasing trend the same way sanctuary cities have become for immigration. A few weeks ago, the Massachusetts state government began considerations on a law that would make the entire state a cannabis sanctuary

As more cities put up measures like Berkeley, officials in the Department of Justice will have to take notice. Do they really want to institute a crackdown where they'll be constantly butting heads with local authorities? These are the type of measures that could dissuade the Trump administration from doing something drastic.

(h/t CNN)


The relationship between marijuana use and schizophrenia has been in the news lately after Malcolm Gladwell wrote in The New Yorker that cannabis can lead to the mental illness. But that's not really what science is saying about the issue. The New York Times published a lengthy article examining the idea of marijuana use and schizophrenia.

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