California Passes Bill Banning CBD Cocktails

When California legalized recreational marijuana, many assumed this would lead to even more innovations into cannabis beverages. But now a new bill says those beverages may not be alcoholic.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law that bans businesses with alcohol licenses from serving alcoholic beverages that contains cannabis or cannabis products. This includes all cannabinoids, even CBD, a compound in marijuana that produces the medical benefits without getting people high.

This actually isn't the first time California has made a restriction on these types of drinks. In July the California Department of Public Health told businesses they couldn't serve CBD until the FDA approved it, which is weird because it sort of goes against the whole purpose of states making their own marijuana laws.

CBD cocktails were an emerging part of California's bar scene as businesses attempted to capitalize on the state's new marijuana laws. But obviously these new rules will lead these bars to scrap the cannabis cocktails to protect their liquor license.

Obviously this new law only affects businesses in California. If you live in the state you're still free to mix your own CBD cocktails in your own home without fear of being busted by the police.

(h/t Eater)


Every parent talks to their kids differently when it comes to the conversation around cannabis. While some parents will explicitly tell their kids to wait until they're old enough to consume (if ever, at all), others leave the conversation open, assuming their children will learn about weed elsewhere. But the bottom line is that, especially in a legal atmosphere, no matter what the approach, your kids are bound to learn about cannabis one way or another.

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