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Marijuana Company Turning California Ghost Town into Pot Destination

Nipton, California has a population of only six people. Earlier this year, it came out that the entire town could be purchased for $5 million. But now Nipton has a new owner, and the former Gold Rush hotspot is about to host a new economic craze: the Green Rush.

A marijuana tech company called American Green recently purchased Nipton for around $5 million. The sale included 120 acres of property and a solar farm. So why would American Green want to purchase a nearly unpopulated town in California? To turn it into a marijuana destination, of course.

To turn Nipton into a marijuana destination, American Green is planning several pot-themed locations for tourists to enjoy. They're planning on creating a marijuana farm, multiple dispensaries, natural spring baths and weed-friendly bed-and-breakfasts. American Green does plan to keep the businesses already in Nipton in place, which include a general store and a five-room hotel.

While construction begins immediately, there are a few obstacles American Green needs to hurdle. Nipton is an unincorporated town, which will need to change before any businesses can apply for a grower's license. There's also the issue of making sure Nipton has long-term viability and isn't just a short-term attraction that people visit once for the novelty. They'll need to figure out ways to make sure people continue coming back every year. 

"The idea here isn't to create 'Woodstock 2017,'" Stephen Shearin, a consultant for American Green working on the Nipton project, told Business Insider. Instead, he wants to "create an environment where people come to work and share in a community."

Good thing Disneyland is opening up a Star Wars-themed amusement park, otherwise California would be getting a brand new number one tourist destination.

Image from Wikimedia Commons


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