California Cannabis Farm Invites President Trump For A Private Tour

Claiming to be the “greatest job producer God has ever created”, as President Donald J. Trump has done in the past, comes with a certain set of responsibilities.

One might say, for instance, that cracking down on the job-heavy cannabis industry, as members of Trump’s administration have indicated they will do, may not be the most responsible move.

Lowell Farms - the same company that sold cannabis bouquets on Valentine's Day this year - is on a mission to drive this point home for President Trump.  

Via an open letter to the White House, the long-established cannabis farm in Los Angeles has invited Trump to visit their operation “so he can see firsthand the people that his policies would affect if he were to crackdown on recreational use.”

The letter, shown in full below, was penned on behalf of Lowell Farms by Soren Gray, publisher of cannabis lifestyle magazine The New Smoker.

Dear President Trump,
I read the recent comments Attorney General Jeff Sessions made about recreational cannabis, and I was alarmed that your administration may be planning on putting hardworking American farmers, and many ancillary businesses, out of work, especially at a time when Americans need every job they can get.
I publish The New Smoker, a publication devoted to highlighting the very best quality products American entrepreneurs are creating in a new, great American industry.
I have seen so many self-reliant, hard-working, entrepreneurial Americans create new jobs and opportunities for their neighbors and friends and those who desperately need work. I have seen these great American farmers and product designers build their businesses from scratch without the help of big banking & Wall Street, all the while working against special-interest lobbyists from Big Pharma and the politicians beholden unto them.
Before you shut down this promising new job creating machine being built by American farmers and small business owners, we invite you to come visit the cannabis industry in person as our VIP guest.
We would love for you to come to Santa Barbara, in the heart of another very similar great American industry, wine country, to visit Lowell Farms and meet the great American women and men who care so much about their harvest. They package it all in American made natural materials, even though most of the industry uses imported Chinese made plastic containers.
We want you to meet Dave West who lost his machinist job in the late 90's thanks to NAFTA but who persevered and created Mendo Mulchers. He and his small staff make the best quality flower grinders in the world in his machine shop in Mendocino County.
I have dozens more hard working, tax paying, American pioneers in a new American industry that may one day export our American made products worldwide, who would love a chance to show you the fruits of their hard work before you put them on the unemployment line. Just looking at our website, The New Smoker, can give you insight into the great many various quality businesses created by this booming industry.
I also urge you to ask the Republican party to stand up against Big Pharma special interests and stand up for States Rights by supporting H.R.975.
Thank you,
Soren Gray, Publisher, The New Smoker  

Marylyn Simpson of Lowell Farms told Civilized in an email that while she knows the likelihood of Trump actually visiting the farm is relatively low, “we want to create awareness and a call to action for the industry.”  

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