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New California Bill Will Protect Marijuana Buyers' Privacy

While most people have no concerns about walking into a dispensary and buying marijuana, others are concerned about privacy. And it's particularly worrisome with Jeff Sessions constantly threatening to crack down on the industry. But luckily California is taking steps to protect consumers.

A new bill proposed in California would ban marijuana dispensaries from selling customer data to third parties. The main focus of this bill is that people who don't want their cannabis use to be known keep it that way. The bill specifically bans employers from obtaining information about their workers' marijuana use. Similar protections are already in place by the state for medical marijuana users.

Another big focus is junk mail. Apparently California marijuana customers are "magically" ending up on email and junk mail lists after purchasing cannabis. So this bill would block that from occurring without a customer's consent.

However, the bill would not protect you from Jeff Sessions. The federal government would still be able to seize a cannabis company's customer information since the drug is illegal at the national level.

If only they'd pass a similar bill for basically every other industry!

(h/t Capital Public Radio)


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