California Is Going to Be A Sanctuary For Marijuana Smokers

Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer recently introduced Assembly Bill 1578 similar to the laws establishing sanctuary cities to protect undocumented immigrants from a federal investigation. The bill prohibits state police from helping federal authorities bust marijuana producers operating legally in the state of California. It would ban state and local police from using local money and resources to aid in investigating a person for marijuana activity, unless they are served a court order signed from a judge. This ban would also include providing federal authorities with any form of personal information of anyone with a state-issued medical marijuana license. Jones-Sawyer hopes that these measures will help protect “one of the greatest businesses” in California.


Despite being one of the most overweight countries on Earth, the United States is one of the biggest waster of foods on the planet as well. And part of that is because we're too confused to understand expiration dates. A survey conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins revealed that many Americans throw out food before it's needed.

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