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Calgary Landlords Try To Kill Cannabis Cultivation

Many landlords in Calgary are amending their rental agreements to make it explicit that growing or smoking marijuana on their property will be prohibited.

In May, the Calgary Residential Rental Association, representing around 70 percent of the city's rental properties, had changed their rental agreement to ban tenants from cultivating or smoking cannabis on any of its members' properties. The association's executive director, Gerry Baxter, cited concerns around mold and fire hazards from powerful grow lights as reasons for the bans.

"There's a tremendous amount of interest from all our members and a great amount of trepidation over the growing of it," Baxter told Calgary Herald. "We were hoping the province could make some specific changes on this as well, but they haven't."

Sheena Keslick of Mainstreet Equities, a company that owns about 2,000 rental units in Calgary, says this is a real issue, since there aren't really any insurance providers willing to cover damages caused by home cultivation.

"In a lot of cases, it's the property owners who'll have to cover that, pick up those costs," said Keslick.

She did say that there will be designated outside spaces for smokers at a number of their properties, but they're banning indoor use, according to the preferences of their other tenants.

"We're siding with the majority...we're obligated to take care of all our residents."

These bans will make it quite difficult for those living in apartments in Calgary to partake in the soon-to-be-legal substance. This will be a particular challenge for medical patients who find smoking cannabis is the most effective way for them to consume their medications.


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